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Re-Mascoting the SEC: Vanderbilt


Many years before you and I were born, our favorite SEC teams were given mascots. Some were based on geographical characteristics such as animals native to that area. Some were based on a tradition or story of yesteryear.

And some mascots we’re pretty sure were given to that school to emasculate them and ensure they never succeed athletically (/looks at U California-Santa Barbara Banana Slugs).

But what mascot would we give our favorite teams if we were given the chance to re-mascot them according to their school traits, athletic success, etc.? Well wonder no longer, because Shirts or Skins has re-mascoted every SEC team, starting with perennial SEC East cellar dweller Vanderbilt.


Someone many years ago gave Vanderbilt the mascot Commodore. Commodore is a Navy military rank commonly positioned between Captain and Rear Admiral. That’s funny Vandy, because you’re usually found at the ranking of Private when it comes to SEC East division rankings. What’s Vandy known for? Besides a good baseball team and the occasional ass hole/choke NFL QB, Vandy is known to produce in the world of Academia. I mean hats off to Vandy, they produce guys left and right that are destined to lead businesses and accomplish great things in life. But a high ranking military official of the SEC East? Sorry guys, time for you to be re-mascotted.

Re-Mascot of Vanderbilt:


Wise beyond their years and filled with more knowledge than an encyclopedia. They’re also probably dick’s to you because they know they made on the ACT once what you made in 3 attempts combined. But at the same time, their old a brittle so you know you could literally break them with one finger. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Vanderbilt Professors.

Tune in tomorrow when Shirts or Skins brings you the next school in our series of Re-Mascoting the SEC.


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