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Re-Mascoting the SEC: LSU

In continuing the re-mascoting of the SEC, Today is a western conference power house.  They come from the swamp and have the ever-so- distinct smell of a corn dog.  This made re-mascoting so difficult.  The fans give us so much to make fun of but yet they win in the most peculiar ways.  Les Miles eats grass.  They get to put time back on the clock to beat Tennessee.  They run reverses on fourth and inches.  That is exactly what lead me to their new mascot:

The Duck-Billed Platypus

Most of you are wondering where I am going with this.  First off they come from the swamp.  Second, like LSU they definitely deserve there own exhibit at the Zoo.  I mean you don’t know what to make of it but somehow it keeps on surviving and coming out ahead.  This thing has evolved into an egg laying mammal that moves and acts like a beaver but has a freaking sweet duck bill.  If you ever find yourself in a fight with one of these guys and think you have it beat, the thing has a venomous hind claw that it can get you with to get the advantage back.  Its the only mammal of its kind.  Much like how LSU is the only real school in its state.  See it’s more fitting than you think.




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