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Our Thoughts on tOSU: What-a-Joke

Ohio State has just made a complete and utter mockery of the NCAA. It kinda reminds me how Pete Carol used to piss on the rule book in the early 2000’s. They just imposed taking the wins out of the book. That is all. Nothing else. They actually even said that Jim Tressell wouldn’t be paying the 250k fine. I hope the NCAA nails there big toe to their fore head.

The NCAA actually imposing sanctions is like a bear trap. You can dance around that baby all night long. It doesn’t care. Do what you will. If you ever actually get close enough to step on it, Slap. It tries to snap your foot off. Basically what Ohio State just tried to do to itself was say it had a scar from the trap they got hit by last year and that is good enough.



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