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July (the place where dreams die)

Oh, July how I loathe thee. This time of year is where being an SEC sports enthusiast is almost unbearable. College Baseball is done.  No real basketball news. NBA finals are over. All the college football players are just trying to not get caught doing whatever NCAA violation they are breaking. I don’t think my nerves can handle it anymore each year. Usually hearing about how NFL rookies are doing in NFL training camp gets me through. Not this year.

Last year was the year of the party. We saw players like A.J. Green and Marcel Dareus almost lose out on their entire season because of an agent party at south beach. Somehow pimps were involved. Two years ago Julio Jones and Mark Ingram went fishing. I was pooping bricks until I heard the NCAA cleared them just days before season kickoff. Ole Miss fans are still waiting to see which one of their 97 incoming freshmen actually clear all their academic hurdles. What will it be this year? Trent Richardson got hit by a car. Dee Hart tore his ACL. What’s next? Is Les Miles going to say he’s Saban’s father? That’s all July is good for.

Last year it got so bad we were all dreaming of four sixteen team super conferences. Damn the PAC-10 12 and Big 11 12 10. I wanted the SEC to add Duke, North Carolina, Kansas, and Kansas State. Why the hell do we want to add more competition in Football? Let’s own all three major sports. If we own the markets we can leave the NCAA. Enough of this already. See this is what July does to people…




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