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PacMan’s New Mugshot: Our Thoughts

In the world of not-so-breaking news, PacMan Jones was arrested over the weekend for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.  Now we know that this isn’t news at ALL, but what he is wearing in his mugshot surely is. 

PacMan, shown above, appeared in his mugshot this weekend in a neckbrace. Last time we checked, neckbraces don’t get you much street cred PacMan.  Unless of course, you’re name is OG Granny.  But why did PacMan have the neckbrace on to begin with? I’m sure it’s been explained somewhere, but frankly, we’re to lazy to look it up.  Here’s what we imagined PacMan did to injure his neck:

Have a good NCAA Football 2012 eve everybody!

-Whiskey Indian November



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