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Tuesday Morning Linkage

It’s Tuesday, and if you’re like us here at Shirts or Skins you’re just surviving the day so you can get home tonight and play NCAA Football 2012 until the sun comes up (or until your wife cuts it off and you throw a hissy fit).  Here’s a few links to NCAA 2012 reviews, along with other things going on around the sports world this morning:

EDSBS say’s is that NCAA 2012? Or Sega’s NCAA 1994? gives their best five new features to NCAA 2012

Tyler Gabbert reportedly already leaving Louisville

Tee Times for Thursday’s opening round of the British Open announced

The only way a Big 12 10 12 team could win anything meaningful is by simulating the new NCAA 2012 game

Happy Tuesday, Y’all

Ewwww he's all sweaty and stuff



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