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Tuesday’s Top Ten

This week’s Tuesday Top Ten:

Top Ten Signs that you’ve been playing NCAA Football 2012 too long today:

10) You convince yourself that you only need 2 hours of sleep before going to work tomorrow

9) You’re already playing a Dynasty with Syracuse. 

8 ) There’s moss growing on the north-facing side of your body

7) You could have sworn when you played Auburn you saw Chizik in the tunnel at halftime paying another QB to come play for him. (Actually, you probably did)

6) You know the guy who you’re playing online’s life story.

5) You have already won a Heisman with anyone from the Big 10 (The one Nebraska plays in now)

4) You want your Road to Glory athlete to have a perfect GPA, because “there are over 400,000 NCAA student-athletes, and most of them will go pro in something other than sports.”

3) You think Erin Andrews is giving you “the look.”

2) You get up to take a pee break only to find your wife/girlfriend/life-partner has removed all the furniture and left you a note that says “I’m gone you bastard.”

and the #1 Sign that you’ve been playing NCAA Football 2012 too long today is…

1) Lee Corso’s voice ISN’T completely annoying the hell out of you

-Whiskey Indian November



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