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Our version of the ESPY’s

In honor of the ESPY’s, which are on ESPN tonight, Shirts or Skins have decided to give you the results to a few categories you will not see at tonight’s show.  Let’s forget all the hoop-la and get into this.

1. Best villain for the past year? And the nominees :

Tiger Woods, Lebron James, Cam Newton, Casey Anthony, or Harvey Updyke

And the winner is: Lebron James.  He will never be Jordan.  He made this big deal about taking his talents somewhere and then never brought them down during the fourth quarter. He was too easy to hate.

Let’s face it.  Casey Anthony isn’t an athlete but she had to make the list.  Updyke might have won if the trees had actually died already.  Cam “The Scam” Newton was beaten by a nose.  Tiger Woods received the pimp vote to keep him out of the top two.

2. The Athlete you would be least likely to let baby sit your children?  And the nominees are:

Adam Pacman Jones, Stephen Garcia, Jeremy Shockey,  Mike Tyson, or Jamarcus Russell

And the winner is: Jamarcus Russell – simply because he might pour some syrup on your child’s pancakes.

fyi None of the others should be around children either.

3. Sports Personalities who should not have a job and are named Craig James?  And the nominees are:

Craig James

4. Best Scandal? And the nominees are:

Erin Andrews peephole video, tOSU tattoo scandal, Cam Newton’s pay for play, The fiesta at the Fiesta Bowl, or Brett Favre’s pic six

And the winner is: Cam Newton’s pay for play.  Cam, we all know you did it and we still hate you.  Plus this wont be Favre’s last pic six.

5. Best Buccaneer? And the nominees are:

Josh Freeman

Other Buccaneer nominees: Mike Leach

6. Hottest Female Athlete (you have heard of)? And the nominees are:

Danica Patrick, Lindsay Vonn, Jennie Finch, Hope Solo, Maria Sharapova

And the winner is: Lindsay Vonn.  We would really like to add Jenn Brown and Erin Andrews so we could just name one for each day of the week.

7. (for the ladies) Hottest Male Athlete?  And the nominees are:

Michael Phelps (pre-pothead), Tim Tebow, Andy Roddick, Ray Allen, Matt Barkley

And the winner is: Andy Roddick, even though he sucks at tennis now.  Fluffy votes Ray Allen cause his jump shot is so pretty and he got game.



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