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Re-Mascoting the SEC: Georgia

Ahh, the Georgia Bulldogs.  The Bulldog is one of the most over used mascots in the NCAA.  (Sorry State fans it’s the truth.)    This means we must definitely re-mascot them.  They also get more hype than any other above average team in the SEC during the preseason.  They start out strong and win a few games impressively.  But just as soon as you start to really believe, they disappoint.  This leads Shirts or Skins to re-mascot the Georgia Bulldogs as:

The Georgia Bigfoots: “Just because you don’t see us at the end, doesn’t mean we don’t exist”

It seems every year here lately that it is the year they win the East and go on to National Championship Bliss.  We get to hear about all the 4 and 5 star prospects and great recruiting classes.  How Mark Richt is gonna turn the team around.  Then they actually decide to take the field in SEC play.  It’s the myth we all somehow believe for a moment, then we watch them try and black-out somebody and get two black eyes.  They even fool preseason polls and ESPN into believing all the hype. 

Maybe one day we will all actually witness this mythical bigfoot actually step on the competition.



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