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Re-Mascoting the SEC: Florida

Sorry we have been away for a while.  We let real life get in the way of becoming professional bloggers.  Shame on us.

In today’s edition we tackle the Beast of the East, The University of Florida.  What can we say, they have been fairly solid over the past couple of years.  We don’t really know if it was because of Tebow or Urban Meyer.  What we do know is that Alabama made Tebow cry and gave ole Urby a heart attack.  I now have to post the following pictures:

All of this led us to rename The Florida Gators as:

The Crying Tim Tebows.

We could have went with The Prison Boyz in honor of Florida having the highest arrest rate of any Division I school, but we let that be.  Instead we went the crier Tim Tebow.  He had two very memorable crying sessions.  The first happened after Ole Miss put a little hurtin on their butts and sent Timmy into a rampage on the podium.  It’s easy to make fun of but they did win the title that year.  Then he cried his butt off in the SEC Championship game after Bama showed them what a real team looked like.  Last year they were not Gator Chomping too strongly with the timbo slice gone.  So that’s that.




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