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Dome of Doom, Mascots

Mascot Dome of Doom

Our next series here at Shirts or Skins is a daily (unless we have better things to do) Mascot  battle to the death.  Mainly because we want to know which mascot has the biggest cojones. 

We used a standard 12 team bracket with 1’s and 2’s getting a first round bye.  We used 2010’s final football standings for placement.  Here is what the bracket looks like:

We will work our way top to bottom and left to right.  Each battle will be decided by five categories.  The categories are as follows:

  1. Most likely to out drink the other? 
  2. Who has the most fighting experience? 
  3. In a battle dome where no one can leave until the other is dead, who walks out alive? 
  4. Best Pure Hunter?
  5. Best Smile.

If a category is deemed a tie we will just randomly pick one based on anything we can think at the time.  We have been toying around with the poll thingy on here and may get some fan votes going on.  We will see.  May the ugliest mascot win.



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