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Mascot Dome of Doom: MSU vs. TN

As promised here is the first match up that Michael Vick would approve oppose, Smokie vs. Bully.  It’s a dog fight folks.  So get your bets ready and check your back for the ASPCA and Feds.  Below is a picture from the fight.

Round 1 – Most likely to out drink fluffy.

  • Smokey never stood a chance.  His scrawny hunting physique was no match for the low centered Bulldog.  Bully was definitely drunker, but Smokie couldn’t stay standing.  I reminded me of watching  I mean Bully did have practice when he lived with Van Wilder.

Round 2 – Most fighting experience

  • This one was close folks.  Smokie chases raccoons and opossums at night.  If you’ve ever cornered a coon then you know what I’m talking about.  On the other hand, Bully has a wrestling move named after him.  We honestly believe the bulldog wins.

Round 3 – In a battle dome, who walks out alive?

  • In an open field where athleticism matters, Smokie runs away from bully and attacks at will.  But, this fight happens in a dome and Smokie can’t run away.  Bully won this match pure strength and bite potential.

Round 4 – Best Pure Hunter

  • Smokie finally pulls one out.

Round 5 – Best Smile

  • Who wouldn’t pick this:

This fight was alot like the LSU vs. TN game last year.  Smokie looked like it had one a few categories but Bully would keep fighting and won it in the end.



2 thoughts on “Mascot Dome of Doom: MSU vs. TN

  1. What happens if bully meets uga or aubie gets mike the tiger? Guess you vould use auburn’s war eagle……

    Posted by Bgover4 | July 27, 2011, 8:41 pm

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