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NCAA infractions

Why I think the NCAA is stupid.

Here is a link to preface this little tirade:


Coach K is having to ask the NCAA if a recruit calling him while the recruit was away from home is considered a violation.  Are they f-ing serious?  Duke is going to have to self report something because Coach K received a phone call.  If this isn’t the dumbest thing I don’t know what is. 

Teams are out there paying kids and doing lord knows what to get kids to their school and Coach K is worried they might have to self report because he got a call.  A phone call is a violation?  Really?  When will the NCAA change the rules to match the times.  It ain’t like we have to wind the phones up and call the operator to get a connection now a days.  There is an App for that. 

Where did all this go wrong.  A coach is literally following every letter of the law and is having to waste his time with this garbage.  Then other guys are out there donating money to churches anonymously.  The NCAA is wasting all of our time.  They gotta change with the times otherwise we will all be on probation and St Mary’s school for blind girls will be playing in the Sugar Bowl in a few year. 



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