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Tuesday Morning Wakeup

Why we love the South

Let’s just face it, The South is the best place to live. It’s the bees knees, the cream of the crop. It’s just awesome.

If you can’t tell, we here at Shirts or Skins love the South. We love high school football on Friday night being the thing to do in a small town. We love Saturday’s tailgating in Tuscaloosa or Starkville or Baton Rouge. We love bourbon and coke and new friends and old friends. We love 5 national championships in a row. We love towns where everyone knows your name, a place where we’re proud to work hard to earn every dollar we make.

We love tan legged Georgia dreams, as my friend Jason Aldean puts it. We love our families, a good Sunday barbecue, going to the lake for the weekend, and beer in a can (or bottle).

So no matter where you’re reading this this morning, no matter what you’re going through, just remember this: God blessed you by having you be born and raised in this wonderful place called The South. Be proud to be southern, and above all else, start clearing your calendar because football starts in a month.


-Whiskey Indian November



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