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Mascot Dome of Doom: Georgia vs Ole Miss

Today’s battle is between the Black Bear’s of Ole Miss and the White Bulldog from Georgia.  When doing a little research for this article I found this pic and just had use it:

*This in no way dictates the outcome of this matchup. 

Round 1 – If these two were to meet at Rick’s dollar night, Who uses the most George Washington’s?

While the White bulldog of Georgia could handle his own weight in Beer, The Black bear is kin to Winnie the Pooh.  That dude can drink Honey aka Whiskey until the cows come home.  This one has to go to the Black Bears.  Plus they were #3 in party school. (the one list you should not be proud of as a school)

Ole Miss

Round 2 – Most Fighting Experience

I will decide the winner here with one picture:

The winner is Georgia after viewing the evidence provided.

Round 3 – Battle Dome to the Death

Da Bears.  Ole Miss had this one because I wanted to use this line.

Round 4 – Which Mascot’s Corner Coach is in the least hot water?

While Nutt looks more like Corky off of Life goes on is in hot water this season, If Richt’s White Bulldogs don’t do better and beat Florida his ass is grass so they say.

Ole Miss

Round 5 – Best Smile

I still feel like the Bulldog has the pertiest (yes I mean to spell it that way) smile.


And the winner is…  Ole Miss.  

*no Teddy Bear’s were harmed/impregnated during the writing of this blog.



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