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Tuesday morning Talk

Less than 30 days.

Can you feel it?

It’s almost that time again.

Time for pigskin and pit bbq.

Time for Bud Light’s on a Saturday Night

Time for catching up with old friends and making new friends in the Junction, the Quad, or the Grove.

Time for that anticipation in your stomach; the feeling you start feeling on Monday morning at 8 just thinking about the coming weekends big game.

Time for us to shift our weekend budget around solo cups, buffalo chicken dip and bourbon.

Time to get out that lucky shirt and prepare it for the season ahead

Sure summer is great in it’s own right, but it pales in comparison to Fall when you’re a football fan

For if Football Season is our Christmas Day, then most certainly August is a hella-long Christmas Eve

But September is coming soon

So get your priorities straight; start buying your new game shirts for the year

Start trash talking you friends from other school even though you don’t play them until October

Start dreaming about the smell of smoke from the grill, the buzz of anticipation in the tailgating area, the team walk through, the band, the chants, the cheers, the stadium swaying as the afternoon sun beats down on your face.


Because don’t kid yourself, it really is the greatest place on earth.

Sure football is great out West, up North, and through America’s heartland, but I think we here in the South just flat out do it better.

Yes that’s correct you yankees reading this: We do football Saturday’s right here in the South.

Don’t believe us?  Well come on down and visit friend.  We’d be happy to have you at our tailgate.

Are you ready?

T-Minus 25 days and counting.

Rocky Top

Hail State

Roll Tide Roll

War Eagle

Geaux Tigers

Pig Sooey


-Whiskey Indian November



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