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Mascot Dome of Doom – Round 2: MState vs. THEBARN


Let's Get It On!!!

Round two begins with a matchup of two teams that love… to hate each other:

Miss. State



Round 1 – Most likely to win a bid for a talented QB

  • I mean it’s just a coincidence that these two teams meet in this round and draw this category.  In the defense of MState, John Bond works for a construction company, so he’s used to trying to be the LOWEST bidder (hits symbol), but if legend is correct, CAM A QB ALLEGEDLY TOOK THAT AUBURN CA$H.

Round Winner: Auburn

Round 2 – Most fighting experience

  • Well which mascot do we go with here for Auburn?  There’s the plainsmen, the War Eagle and the Tiger.  Should they lose points for having more than one mascot thus confusing everyone that’s not an Auburn alum/fan? Yes they should.  And we shall pick the Plainsmen to represent them in this round, because we picture the Plainsmen to be a male flight attendant.  Sure that’s completely inaccurate, but we don’t care.  An male flight attendant vs. a Bulldog?

Round Winner: MState

Round 3 – In a battle dome, who walks out alive?

  • Unfortunately for State, Plainsmen has already been used, leaving Tigers and War Eagles.  I love you Bully, but that buzzard and that kitty won’t be too kind on you in the dome.

Round Winner: Auburn

Round 4 – Best Pure Hunter

  • Sure the Eagle or Tiger would pull this out if it was best pure hunter, but we decided to change the category to Best Pure Hunter… of leg.  You know our man Bully has a way with the ladies.

Round Winner: MState

Round 5 – Best role in a major motion picture

  • The Tiger in The Jungle Book vs. The Bulldog in Van Wilder.  As much as I love the Van Wilder movie, The Jungle Book is a great movie so I award this round to the tig… wait… what’s that judges?  You have another movie for The Bulldog?

How could I forget Mr. Beefy from Little Nicky

And Little Nicky is one of my all time favorites.



 Making this matchup’s overall winner MSTATE!

Congrats dawgs! you move on to the next round!  As for you Auburn, maybe next year.  Think of it this way: this will give you more time to help Gene find something to wear other than that awful leather jacket.

-Whiskey Indian November



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