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Hangover cure / Pre-Early kickoff meal

I have decided to give out the greatest Hangover cure not yet known to mankind.  Most Doctor’s will read this and report me to the FDA but they can go suck a skunk cause it works and it has not killed me, yet.  They would probably tell you not to take it.  But they also say don’t take pain killers or other prescribed meds unless absolutely necessary.  We all know you try to save a few after a surgery “for those nights you can’t fall asleep”.

I discovered this magic elixir after a fantastic Bulldog Bash Weekend.  The details of the previous night are still a little fuzzy so that’s all we will say about that. So get your Wal-Mart list out and write down the following items:

  • Green Tea
  • Tylenol Allergy Sinus, Daytime
  • Imodium AD
  • Tagament HD
  • Ibuprofen (optional but prefered)

Here is how this works.  Drink a full glass of H2O before you fall asleep.  (best to stay hydrated while drinking but who carries water in a cooler?  It takes up beer room.)  Then as soon as you wake up the next morning/afternoon Take Tylenol Allergy Sinus Daytime, Imodium AD, and Tagment as directed.  Swallow all of these with the Green Tea.  Drink the entire bottle of Green Tea with some form of bready food.  I find left over Papa John’s pizza to work best.  

Here is how it works (I think, along with a little science):

Green tea – Anti-oxidants in the Green Tea help to remove Methanol and any other free radicals roaming around your body.  Methanol is what causes the hangover in the first place.  It gets in your body by not fully breaking down all the Ethanol from your beverage of choice. 

Tylenol Allergy Sinus, Daytime – This is mainly for the headache and for the uppers in the Allergy meds.  The meds in Allergy sinus act as a pick me up to some extent.  Keeps you from having the drowsy feeling all day.  It also helps if you are like 80% of my friends who only smoke when they drink.  The Sinus’s get all stuffy and these meds do the trick quite nicely.

Imodium – This is what it sounds like it is for.  It helps with the Trots and Runs.  “Better trot to the bathroom before it runs down your leg.)

Tagment – Just a good cure-all of stomach issues.  It helps me with heartburn.  Usually eating while plastered is the norm and it aint health food we are looking for at this time.  Sugary shots are a terrible idea after a few beers.

Ibuprofen – I take one or two Ibuprofen to ease any swelling of the joints.  I tend to do a little dancing once I get good and tankered up.  Ibuprofen is optional.  Only take if you feel absolutely necessary.  Probably 30 minutes to 1 hour after taking all the others.

If you are not usually very good on medication you may not want to try this cocktail to start off.  And by all means, If you are allergic to any of these meds DO NOT TAKE THEM.  I don’t know why I have to say all this but people are stupid out there.  I usually only reserve this mix for a really nasty little hangover or when I have to be up and going first thing.  Some people’s Liver’s are too damaged to handle Tylenol this soon after drinking. 

Sometimes a hangover just won’t do. 




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