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MS State

Team Pep talks: MS State

(All pep talks are to be read in Ed Orgeron’s voice and to escalate in volume and intensity.  No joke here just would enjoy receiving a pep talk from him.  I was at a football camp with him teaching lineman drills.  The guy is more than crunk.)

Alright Bulldogs, it’s game week.  Time for you to stop going to Rick’s and get ready for the Tiger’s from Memphis.  The discounted admission is not worth losing all your shoes over (insert Jordan Jefferson joke here).

I know, I know.  They were 1-11 last year and from Conference USA.  Ask Michigan how that Appalachian St. game went a few years back.  Forget your ranked in the pre-season, because those rankings don’t mean shit!  You’ve been working your ass’s off to be a contender in the SEC.  If you struggle against this lowly Memphis team all swagger is lost, your girlfriend will dump you for some chump, and that pre-season ranking will go away faster than a sorority girls panties at a frat house speeding bullet!  So ride into Memphis with that SEC pride and show those Conference USA chumps who their daddy is and why they were not good enough to play for an SEC team.  So go break somebody’s face!!!  AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!



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