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Team Pep Talk: Alabama

10-11 season video  

quest for 14

(Fluffy storms into the Locker Room after watching the previous videos.  He picks up a chair and slaps it across Hightower’s face.  Dont’a Never flinched.  Fluffy then paints his face with the blood flowing from Dont’a’s face.)

(the team start chanting “Tide get ready to roll, Tide get ready to roll, *clap *clap, *repeat”)

If you need me to stand up here and give you a pep talk then you need to go back home to momma and get back on the tit.  Drumming a trichampion Big 11 12 10 team don’t mean jack S%#!.  All this preseason hype dont mean a hill of beans when everyone has strapped on the pads.  I saw the second half of the Iron Bowl.  This is the first mention I have ever made of it.  You guys looked like a bunch of wanna be superstar entitled punks who thought that Auburn was just gonna lay over and take it like all the co-eds that get sent your way.  Well they didn’t did they!?!  So it’s time for you to go out there and release the rage on these Kent State punks who shouldn’t even be on the same field as you.  I want you to physically maim each one of their starters on the opening possession and put up enough points in the first quarter the NCAA looks at making each of you ineligible for too much violence on TV.  I want at least 5 celebration penalties by 5 minutes into the game.  If I don’t see at least one snot bubble coming from the other team after the opening kickoff it’s refried beans and tortilla shells all week.  Go crush skulls and leave no doubt.  ROLL F$%^ing TIDE!!!



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