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Arkansas, Pep Talk

Team Pep Talk: Arkansas

(While doing alittle background research for this I noticed how similar the Missouri State stuff was with MS State.  Adidas needs to get some fresh ideas.  just sayin’)

(Fluffy walks into the Locker room eating a BBQ sandwich wearing nothing but Missouri State Bears gear.)

Umm Umm dis is some tasty pig.  I hear ya’ll think ya’ll are gonna be worth a flip dis yur.  Well I gots a difrnt oh-pin-yun.  We gon beat you like a coon dog chewing a rib bone.  Faster than my couzin da meth addict smokes dat go powdr.  Harder than I stump my goats  choke my chicken pound a nail ina 2 by foe.  Da Bears are gonna win today.  Da Bears are gonna win today.  I gots da pit getin hot already.  After our boyz get through tenderizin’ youz all we gonna ete dja.  Now run on out dair and take ya’llz whippin’ caus Im gettin’ hun-gray.



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