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Mascot Dome of Doom: Ole Miss vs. Arkansas



If I was watching the Discovery Channel one night and saw that Superhog and a Black Bear was about to do battle I would not touch that dial and see what happens.  So instead of the traditional Mascot Dome of Doom we will just have a fight to the death and declare a winner.  Why? Because I’ll do what I want.  So here we go:

A frisky feeling razorback back rooting up his favorite mud hole one afternoon when an unsuspecting Black Bear came frolicking through the woods complaining about all his traditions were gone.  (We presume it was BrandonBP)  This Razorback wasn’t having all this Traditions crap and wanted to pick a fight.  So he started tracking this bear until the trail ended.  The razorback was afraid he had lost his prey.

When all of a sudden he saw a Mormon putting on a brand new bear skin coat.  He knew he had been beaten to the punch.  He charged the Mormon and punctured the Mormons lung with his tusk.  He new he had defeated him.  He followed the Mormon as he crawled to the Edge of the river to get a fresh drink of water.  As he approached the river’s edge, a giant Gator attacked and ripped off the Hogs head.  The gator realized the hog was not alone.  as he approached the Mormon he realized he was mortally wounded.  The gator backed away knowing he already was going to have BBQ for Dinner and left the Mormon to die in peace. 

The gator loaded up his hog dinner and drove away in his gator pimp mobile.


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