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Fluffy’s SEC Week one breakdown: East Edition

Florida – I begin this analysis with two quotes from after their game against Florida Atlantic.  “It’s a God-given gift, so you have to ask God,” Rainey.  “I think we need to be realistic here, we’ll face better opponents throughout the season. … We didn’t face as much adversity as we had hoped for, but I’m very pleased with the effort and energy of our players” Will Muschamp.  Florida never lost their recruits.  They just lost their swagger last year.  Florida will be good to great this year.  Just wait and see.

Georgia – Boise State walked into Atlanta and beat a downward spiraling Georgia team.  Richt has been recruiting aesthetically good-looking players the past few years.  Looks don’t win a back alley brawl folks.  Just like looking exceptionally athletic doesn’t win a football game.  The wheels have fallen off the Georgia bus my friends.  I will give it to Boise though, they can get up for any one game and beat who they play.  I want to see them do it back, to back, to back, to back before I say I will respect them.

Kentucky – No one is expecting Kentucky to win this year.  Fact.  They were supposed to be able to beat Western Kentucky. Fact.  That is about all I can say.  KY started slow but finished the game with a check in the win column.  Good enough.

South Carolina – Subtract the first quarter, where Spurrier was just trying to make a point, and this game was not that bad at all.  They looked like they always do.  A little shaky but too talented to really screw it up against a cupcakey school.  They will look magnificent in stretches this year and Gawd awful in others  Let’s just see how long this team can stay on the wagon and out of the sauce.

Tennessee – This game was an absolute success for TN.  They jumped out to an early lead and got some of their young backups a little game time in a stadium with a crowd.  This team is working kinks out.  Dooley will have this team back on top in the East.  Mark my words.  Maybe not this year but soon.  He builds a program like Dan Mullen does.  From the ground up.

Vanderbilt – All I can really say is that Vandy won big.  I read a little and checked some box scores and all I saw is they won and have a new looking offense, sort of.  Basically think more plays in the playbook.  Jordan Rodgers, Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers’ younger brother, completed a TD pass though.  I want to see Vandy make a bowl game this year, but I dunno. 



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