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Whiskey Indian November’s Saturday Game Viewing Guide – 9.10.11

The trouble with college football Saturday’s is that sometimes there are TOO MANY games to pick from and you end up watching San Diego State and Wyoming hump it up and down the field to a score of 10-6 before you wake up and realize WHAT THE HELL AM I WATCHING???

ShirtsOrSkins would like to help you avoid this problem by giving you the best games to watch today.

Rise and Grind- ESPN College Gameday

My wife compares me running down the hallway at 8 a.m. to cut the tv on and watch College Gameday to a kid on Christmas Morning.  Spot on baby, spot on.  It is almost a sin to start off a fall Saturday without watching Chris, Kirk, Corso, Desmond and Ms. Andrews to tell about all the day’s upcoming games.  Yeah I know it’s early, and yeah I know you’re probably still hung over or trying to roll Jenny or Lisa or whatever the hell her name is out of your bed.  But like my grandfather always said: excuses are like b-holes: we all got ’em, and they all stink.  So roll that young lady onto the floor and get yourself to the nearest tv my friend.  Gameday’s on.


Mississippi State at Auburn, 11a.m. (JP Sports you know the new one)

I’ll definitely be watching this one if for no other reason than to see if Chizik dare wear his leather jacket out in 90 degree weather.  And to see if Trooper brings out a white rally towel after Labor Day OMG TROOPER TACKY.  This should be a great game to watch with it being an SEC opener, two teams that really hate each other, and well your only other game viewing option this early is Minnesota and well does it matter who the other team is?  Didn’t think so.

Afternoon Delight

Alabama at Penn State, 2:30 (ABC)

South Carolina at Georgia, 3:30 (ESPN)

You really can’t go wrong with either one of these games tomorrow afternoon.  The first one features a clash of two of the most storied programs in college football meeting in what could be a decent game.  The other has Stephen Garcia and Mark Richt fighting for his coaching career.  Oh and they both feature SEC schools which if you haven’t figured out yet, in our book SEC>>>>>>other conferences.  Also, let it be noted here that it is a huge travesty that the Alabama-Penn State game is not the ESPN night game, all because ESPN wanted to instead air “the first night game at the big house!!!”.  Whooo hooo!  Two mediocre teams playing in front of 100,000 mediocre fans looking at mediocre cheerleaders!  No one cares about that game ESPN, but as you so often do, you chose poorly.


Off week

No obnoxious Yankee football fan, this is not where the Notre Dame- Michigan game goes.  I’d rather watch paint dry than those two sinking ships duke it out.  No this week football fans you have the evening off.  Use it wisely; take the misses out on the town, go see a movie, maybe even drink an adult beverage or two.  You won’t get many free Saturday nights from here until December guys, so use this one wisely (builds up ginormous amounts of wife/girlfriend credit and stores it for October and November)

-Whiskey Indian November



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