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Fluffy’s Week 2 Breakdown: East Edition

Florida – As the old adage goes, “Speed Kills”.  They opened the offense up for a little test drive against UAB and found out the thing can purr when they need it to.  Don’t get me wrong, UAB is not very good.  Florida got exactly what they wanted out of this game, a win and a shutout for the Defense.  Be looking for this team in Atlanta on December, 3.  I feel like they are that good, and USCe will have a nervous breakdown at some point.

Georgia – Richt’s seat is hotter than ever.  They got beat by an, in my opinion, overrated South Carolina team.  Had they not given up 3, essentially 4 with the blocked punt return, defensive touchdowns they win this game and his seat is safe for another heartbreaking season.  Georgia has flashes of good but can not sustain the momentum.  The future isn’t too bright for these dogs.

Kentucky – They tried to lose to Central Michigan.  I thought they were when I saw they were down 13-6 at halftime Saturday.  The important thing for this team is that they won and are now 2-0.  Louisville comes to town Saturday night this Saturday.  Maybe they can keep up this little streak and beat a Big East team for the SEC. 

South Carolina – #winning That is what this team is going to do.  They will win by any means necessary.  If that mean a Defensive End gets the ball and runs it 63 yards for a score they will.  Wait what?  That was a blocked punt return?  Ohh, I thought it was a new offensive play Spurrier dreamed up cause his teams are only supposed to play Offense.  Either way this team keeps winning.  They will be the Auburn of the East this year and you will like it.

Tennessee – It looked close, then it wasn’t really.  Tyler Bray looked improved this game.  Dooley is teaching this team to win one game at a time.  If he keeps this up and keeps improving from game to game they will be competitive, next year.  Florida comes a calling this Saturday though.  We will see what these vols are really made of.

Vanderbilt – VANDY WINS! VANDY WINS!  Coach Franklin surprised his team with black helmets after warm-ups.  Black on Black is a hate crime folks.  They looked swagtastic and beat a decent UCONN team.  This is Vandy’s first winning streak since 2008.  Franklin and his Dores bring in their first SEC competition of the year this weekend.Let’s see how they compete with Ole Miss before I get too over hyped about this team.



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