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Fluffy’s Week 2 Breakdown: West Edition

Alabama – Not one person can say Bama plays exciting football this year.  That is unless you like seeing a Defense smother an opposing Offense with pure speed, force and athleticism.  This Defense is good.  At one time this secondary had a hand on every ball thrown their way.  Bama did settle the QB conversation a little this past week.  We know they have a QB, they know they have a QB.  The offense does have moments of sketch though.  Bama should get it’s two most explosive down the field threats back this week.  (Darius Hanks and Duron Carter, yes that Chris Carters son)  I’m sure they will give folks more to game plan for this week against North Texas.

Arkansas – 641 total yards of Offense last week against New Mexico State.  Impressive but what else do you expect from this game.  Arkansas has another preseason game this weekend when Troy comes to town.  I guess we will have to wait til week 4 to really see what these razorbacks are made of. 

Auburn – *sigh They win again.  This in itself is an accomplishment. I thought this team was down right awful after the first week.  This win does not really change anything other than my thoughts about MS State.  Chizik, like him or not, wins football games.  I think it is really more that Auburn wins despite him.  He is supposed to be a Defensive minded coach.  His team’s Defense looks like it would allow me to score 40 points a game.  I look forward to see how this team will win this weekend in Clemson.  It will happen.  Prepare accordingly. 

LSU – They won.  That is all, nothing to see here.  the only truly notable thing about this game was that Zach Mettenberger started the second half to give him a few snaps in a real ballgame.   

MS State – WTF man. WTF.  Everyone expected MSU to finally break through and win an SEC West game.  I don’t wanna hear about how bad the refs were, how Relf should have passed then ran a second last play, or how he didn’t stretch out.  None of that should have mattered.  State’s Defense looked more than suspect and you spotted the defending National Champs 14 points by 5 minutes into the game.  I can’t think of many teams who could come back from all that, especially in an SEC Conference Game.  State will win more this year, but must get over this hump and act like a team who has won before. 

Ole Miss – This team is bad.  All I will say is, check out the box score.



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