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Fluffy’s Ideas For Improvements at MS State

Just random thoughts after watching last night’s game. 

  1. Change whatever the hell you are doing during the week with Offensive Linemen.  Two SEC Games, Three starting linemen knee injuries.  After reviewing all three injuries, they need to teach them how to collapse when they get rolled on from behind.  Quit trying to jump out of the way.  Once you feel the weight coming down on you it’s too late to move just collapse and protect yourself.
  2. The weight room needs to be their friend.  Too many times LSU just power stepped through a defender or blocker.  LSU has amazing athletes, do not under state that.  State got physically dealt with last night. 2*’s turn to 3*’s in the offseason weight program.
  3. Open up the Offense.  I feel as if they are scared to try to move the ball down field with wide receivers.  Let those guys split wide try to make a play.  A WR is never going to be a truly reliable run blocker.  Relf has been there long enough to trust.
  4. Never, I repeat, Never take out a Senior QB at the end of the game and replace him with an underclassmen who has never had success in this situation.  You wanna break things up and give a change of pace.  Do it early in the fourth Quarter.  Not the last three possessions with 3 minutes left.
  5. Where the hell is Bumphis.  That is all.

I don’t plan to make a habit of this, but I feel like I saw a few things last night that needed to be addressed.



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