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Good Friday Afternoon Jump

If you are like me you are just trying not to stab yourself in the face just to get to go home early on Friday’s.  Usually what I do is test the bounds of my company’s internet usage policy surf Safe For Work Sites looking for something to stare at for 2 hours.  Every now and again I find pure work computer gold.  One site I found a while back that gets me through the day is the SEC On Demand Theater.   Click the link below to get you there.  It’s a good one to watch to see why Saban likes the 3-4 defense.  Something about symmetry.

This is my link you fun bag looking suckers.

I also posted this fun little link.  War Eagle Reader is a good site to cruise on afternoons.  I know, I didn’t think they could read either.  lol.  j/k.




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