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Monday Morning, Pep Talk

Monday Morning Pep Talk

Time to rise and grind.  Just a friendly reminder here, FALL STARTS FRIDAY!!!  Goodbye blistering heat and southern humidity.  (Well unless we have freakish southern weather at some point.  I remember when it was 75 degrees new years day a few years back.)  On a much more sports oriented note, its time to start caring about Pro Baseball.  A 162 game regular season is way too long. 

Hmm.  While going back and re-reading I have let y’all off too easy this Monday morning.  I will start to belittle and fill your morning with anger starting…

NOW you sorry excuse for a sports enthusiast.  I have seen better looking month old ground beef that has been sitting outside in the elements all month.  If I had teeth like yours I would start whittling some new ones out of my fake wood desk.  I hope you have to work this weekend and miss all the exciting college football saturday. 

Haters Gonna Hate.



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