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Texas is a Problem, or CFB’s Savior

Texas wants its cake and be able to eat everyone else’s too.  The Longhorn Network (TLN) should never exist and is a disgrace to every college and conference (everyone is looking at you ESPN but is too scared to say it cause you rule college sports whether we like it or not).  Texas wants and needs to be in a conference.  I mean look at how far Notre Dame has fallen in recent years.  TX needs a conference for Strength of schedule and close non-revenue sports games. 

The home and home games are going to be a thing of the past with the bigger conferences and Texas knows it.  If you play 9 conference games a year that leaves 3 out of conference games a year.  This makes it essential for schools to schedule cupcakes at home to get that revenue and to pad the schedule.  You may get a neutral site game like LSU/Oregon and such just to make the extra money and a bowl game type atmosphere for your players.  So Notre Dame has to conference up or get left even further behind in all this nonsense.  Texas is smart enough to realize this as well. 

This leaves Texas in a weird position and no one wants to deal with their better than thou bullshit.  The PAC-12 said we will take you TX, OU, TX Tech, and OK St only and only if you revenue share, EQUALLY.  TX said no way.  I like my alimony check and aint giving it up just to be married to someone else.  This leaves the other three schools in limbo even longer and these schools should not be waiting on Texas nor do they need to.

Oklahoma, Ok State, and the rest of the Big 12 should tell TX to kiss their asses and move on without them.  If they think they are better than everyone then live in that grave brother.  If I was them I would not, repeat, would not schedule Texas in any sport just to make them waste every penny traveling all over God’s creation just trying to get games for their sports.  If the LHN is so valuable to your school and fans, then live with it cause OK is not gonna carry your burnt orange tails anymore.  Ask Notre Dame fans what not being in a conference is really about.


When you look back on everything that has transpired, TX being a self-serving asshole might be what keeps all these super conferences from happening.  As long as TX refuses to revenue share and give up the LHN then no one but the Big 12 will take them.  OK will probably never leave TX (which they totally should) and OK State ain’t going anywhere without big bro Oklahoma.  I guess we will all just have to wait and see.


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