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OM vs. Georgia: Nutt and Richt Battling Against Each Other and Unemployment

If not the sexiest game on paper, this weekend’s Ole Miss versus Georgia game is intriguing in that it will feature two teams whose coaches are on hot seats that are getting hotter by the day.  It seems like Mark Richt’s seat at Georgia has been steadily warm for years now, but recent losses despite the great recruiting Richt has done is beginning to wear on the patience of Bulldog fans.  On the other side of the field will be Houston Nutt: a man who in two short years has seen his standing at Ole Miss go from loved to loathed quickly.

But is there any reality to either coach getting fired?

I would have to think that Nutt’s leash at this point is longer than Richt’s.  Rumors (RUMORS!) have already begun to swirl that Georgia will pink slip Richt after this season and immediately begin pursuing Dan Mullen.  Again, those are rumors and in this day in age, usually mean the exact opposite will happen.  The facts come down to Georgia fans being tired of losing to Florida and not being able to win what over the past several seasons has been a weaker Eastern Division of the SEC.   As for Nutt, well who knows what will happen to him.  With a man as unpredictable as Nutt Ole Miss could turn around to fire him only to realize he already left for another school.

As for the game, well I’d have to give the edge to Georgia.  Ole Miss is still struggling mightily to get the offense going and now there are even talks of redshirting Barry Brunetti, who was the starter at QB at the beginning of the season.    Georgia has had their share of problems too though, but in a matchup were someone HAS to win, I like Georgia to come out victorious.


-Whiskey Indian November



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