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Thursday Night College Football Viewer’s Guide and Expansionpalooza Anti Viewers Guide

Hello fans and welcome to another edition of the viewing guide.  I’m your host, Whiskey Indian November.  This week’s edition will discuss the, well, only game to view tomorrow night, NC State @ Cincy, but we will also discuss the large elephant in the room that keeps farting and it stinks and it won’t go away and it ate all the nachos.  Oh yes back to the topic, tonight we will be talking mostly about:


bom bom bommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Conference Expansion Propaganda (CEP) is all around us right now folks.  You have to be careful folks or it will suck you in just like it’s sucked in basically like 50% of Twitter and some of your friends. 

OMG is Texas going to the Pac-12? Are the Big East and Big XII combining? Will Boise State finally be admitted into the ACC like it should be?????

The answer to all of these questions is obvious, but I’ll say it for clarity:


whether you and I talk about it day in and day out, conference expansion is going to go as it pleases.  University Presidents and Atheltic Directors are going to get antsy, Commissioners are going to add new teams to increase tv revenue, and they will continue to do this whether or not you and I talk about it or shake our finger at them for doing it.  So why pay attention?

Simple: Just don’t pay attention.  You can start beating the addiction tomorrow night with the Thursday night ESPN game:

We use to have Russell Wilson vs. We used to have Brian Kelly, ESPN, 7pm Central.

NC State comes into tomorrow nights game as the team that could’ve been.  Last summer, NCState QB Russell Wilson took his diploma and smiled and relocated his talented right arm to Madison, Wisconsin.  Although Russell is gone (yes NCState fans, it’s time to except that he’s gone), this NCState team is a fairly good team across the board.  I like them to take Cincinatti at Cincy in a close one.

Other Alternatives to watching two non-important teams play football:

  • Go to the Movies
  • Break Dance Battle in the living room
  • Watch Dumb & Dumber for the 1,0000000th time
  • Read a book
  • Discuss World Diplomacy Issues
  • Drink

Whatever you decide to do tomorrow night, please just don’ t tweet all night about how TCU may go back to the MWC.  Cause it’s like telling us about your awesome fantasy football team: WE DO NOT CARE.

-Whiskey Indian November



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