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Pep Talk

Thursday Pep Talk


What’s up?

Yeah I know it’s Thursday and that sucks.

Yeah I know in college we loved Thursdays cause that’s when our weekend started but now Thursday is just the ugly friend sitting between us and that hot brunette one seat down named Friday.

Well my friend I’m here to tell you suck it up. Not all is lost. There is football tonight. Well kinda, it’s NCState and Cincy. Still, it’s something to motivate you through this sultry teasing misleading tempress known as Thursday.

Go get your gosh darned grind on: file those reports wrote those memos show that listing serve those mashed taters. Sneak out early and ice down some brews.

Cause there’s football on tonight, and that’s enough to get us through this day.

In the words of Jay Bilas:
“I gotta go to work”

-Whiskey Indian November



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