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Mascot Dome of Doom: MS State vs. LSU

We are down to the final four in our, way too drawn out, Mascot Dome of Doom.  Todays matchup brings us Bully vs. Mike the Tiger. 

I know I know.  The paint drawings are fabulous. 

Round 1 – It’s a drinking contest folks

If we go off of body weight to beverage intake ratio, I believe the Bulldog wins.  If we go off of fan support and likeness then Mike the Tiger wins every time.  This one goes to LSU simply because I can never bet against LSU in a drinking contest. 

Round 2 – All you can eat steak?

I’m going off body weight to intake ratio.  I gotta believe the Bulldog will eat til it dies.  I can not imagine the gas produced from his belly though.

Round 3 – Battle dome to the death

The Bulldog is as athletic as a computer monitor.  LSU wins this round with ease. 

Round 4 – Worst use of Black Jerseys

I do not think LSU has ever worn black jerseys.  State sure has.  Those things are jinxed.  Burn them and bury the ashes at Ole Miss already.

Round 5 – Best tasting grass

I have never eaten the grass from either Davis Wade or Tiger Stdium.  I will have to take Les Miles word for it that Tiger Stadium has the best tasting grass. 

Sorry State fans, LSU wins this Contest.  The tiger was just too strong.



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