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SEC West

Fluffy’s Week 4/5 recap/preview: SEC West

Let this baby play in the background.

Alabama – Arkansas called and they want their dignity back.  Funniest quote I saw trolling online was, “Petrino’s dick crawls inside his body when he see’s Saban.”  Bama finally opened the throttle up a little and showed the country they were who we thought they were.  I personally feel they will have a bigger test this weekend against tha gata’s in the Swamp this weekend.  We shall see.

Arkansas –  Well Arkansas played Bama.  I already poked at that hog enough.  They need to beat TX A&M this weekend in Dallas to establish a little pecking order before the Aggies enter the SEC next year.  Arkansas needs to pick themselves up cause they are better than they looked last week.

Auburn – I’m still just happy Clemson beat them.  Let’s  see who is more magical this weekend between Auburn and Garcia.  This game will be a lot of fun to see who can look worse winning.

LSU – I feel sorry for Kentucky this weekend.  LSU went to West Va. and beat them up.  I know they are better than Kentucky.  Biggest issue for LSU is to stay healthy and figure out where Jefferson is gonna fit in on this team now. 

Ole Miss – Georgia tried to give the Rebels this game but the Black Bears said they didn’t want their charity.  This team looks worse every time I see them play.  They need to beat Fresno State to get to 3 wins this year.  (how sad is that statement)  #umadbro

MS State – I am going to try to believe the game against La Tech was simply a case of overlooking.  I had said MSU would win big but boy was I wrong.  State Just needs to pick their heads up and go beat Georgia this week.  This may be harder than previously anticipated by myself though.



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