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Fluffy’s Week 6 Re-cap/Preview: SEC East

Salt and vinegar chips are tasty…

Florida – At first you were all like

then you were like

Don’t look up either.  You play at Tiger Stadium this week.  October may not be kind to you.

Georgia – Could Mark Richt ask for any more than he is getting?  He basically needs to win the East to keep his job, right.  So then Florida gets their QB hurt and will lose two SEC games back to back and then USCe goes and lays a turd sandwich at home against Auburn.  On top of all that, MS State Comes to your place and is on a definite down swing from where we all expected them to be.  We will see what happens this week at Rocky Top.  All this will make the SEC East a fun one to watch from here on out. 

Kentucky – I’m going to stop myself right here.  They are awful.  joker might be going out if they keep this awfulness up.  I am looking at the schedule and I see just one more win to definitely come from them.  Maybe two if they pick it up a notch. 

South Carolina – I have been waiting on this one to happen for a while.  The following gif will explain the rest of the season for USCe.


Tennessee – Nothing to see here the last two weeks.  They had a bye week and last weekend they played Buffalo.  Let’s see what the fighting Dooley’s have in store for Georgia this weekend.  This game could be for the SEC East crown.  I never thought i would say that three weeks ago.

Vanderbilt – Off week had better been kind to Vandy.  Playing @ Bama this week.  Then the rest of the year will be spent looking for enough wins to make a bowl game.  Good Luck.



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