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Fluffy’s Week 6 Re-cap/Preview: SEC West

Tuesday’s should be banned in America.

Alabama – LSU Freek summed last week up accordingly I believe:


Everyone is basically waiting on November 5th at this point.  Bama better not overlook anyone or that gome won’t matter quite as much.  I am excited about this week though, I will be in the Quad tailgating and then attending the game.  Denny Chimes here I come.

Arkansas – Well they pulled that one out.  It looked like they were still waking up from the TKO Bama gave them the week before.  Beware Arkansas fans, Auburn is this week.  Auburn wins in miraculous ways.  Especially in the plains. On paper and from the Eye test Arky should win but it is hard to bet against the magical Auburn Leprechauns.

Auburn – If Gene Chizik does not win Coach of the Year then no one else on the face of the planet should ever get that award again.  They can win and do it differently every game.  They didn’t even have to win last week.  South Carolina just said “ahh FμÇΚ it, we don’t wanna win anyways.”  (notice I used fancy letters to spell the bad word)  This team is scary and for all the wrong reasons.

LSU – No one outside of KY and LSU fans watched this game.  Let’s be honest about that.  LSU treated this like nothing more than a warm-up for Florida this weekend.  The tiger defense is licking it’s chops to get after that Freshamn making his first ever start in Tiger Stadium.  I’m thinking typical LSU dominant game with Florida just trying to get out without any more serious injuries. 

MS State – Well this happened Saturday,

The disappearance of the option and Vick Ballard still alarm me.  This basicalloy means that Dan Mullen/Chris Relf have no faith in the offensive Line.  Hell neither would I if I had to scrape grass out of my helmet as much as Relf does.  UAB is this week.  Maybe this will help the offense get back into a groove.  If not, a bowl birth might possibly be in question.

Ole Miss – Beating Fresno State at Fresno is a good foundation for Nutt to Build on.  If Pete Boone keeps taking all the heat for how bad this team is then Nutt might be able to scrape up 2 more wins with a possible third.  I can see Ole Miss trying to ruin either Bama or LSU though.  I mean that’s all they got to play for at this point.  Off week this week.  Maybe Nutt can use this week to become buddies with Forward Rebels.



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