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Friday Fire-Up

Friday Fireup

Yeah I know it’s Friday, and you can think about almost anything other than work, but you’re still stuck at work. If you’re like me, you’re staring at a TPS report but you’re thinking about how many LSU fans will probably have alligator bites at their tailgate tomorrow. Have you filed that memo yet? No you haven’t, cause you’re ready to see which gigantic headgear that crazy ole bafoon Lee Corso puts on tomorrow morning while you watch in your superman jammies trying to figure out who that is asleep on your futon.

I know it’s hard, but hang in there friend. We are almost to that glorious weekly reappearing greatness that is Saturday. And it’s so much greater in the south, where everything is deep fried, the women are hotter and the football is well, just better than anywhere else. 4 more hours then it’s beer thirty and time to make bad decisions that we’ll contemplate while Kirk Herbstreet tells us the keys to stopping Alabama’s offense.

God bless you Saturday’s in the South.

*all posts of ShirtsOrSkins now (un)officially sponsored by Lazy Magnolia Brew. This post sponsored by Southern Pecan, because I’m about to drink one right about now…




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