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Alabama, Vanderbilt

Fluffy’s Day in T-Town

I spent Saturday in Tuscaloosa for the Vandy game.  I tried to get some pics to capture the day.  I had seats next to God.  So I had to test the zoom during the game.  I can’t complain about free tickets though.

Waiting on the Parade to begin

Looking good ladies.

I wonder if my wife can get one of these uniforms for game days???

Coach Nick decided to grace the parade's presence

I got all giddy when I saw this float headed this way

Stylin' and profilin'

Bama keeps everything.

They love to show off their spelling capabilities in T-town.

I watched some of the game.


Why I'd rather watch games at home. Damn red hat man.

Random Florida fan. Yes he had on jean shorts.

Game got carried away. I decided to test the range of my zoom.



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