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LSU vs. Alabama shaping up to be game of the Century

Whether you watched Alabama dismantle Vanderbilt yesterday or LSU throttle Florida, you know these teams are on an unstoppable collision course which comes to a head Saturday, November 5th in Tuscaloosa. In years past these two teams have been in similar situations, but this year just seems different. Alabama methodically dismisses teams by pounding the ball with sledgehammers named Trent Richardson and Eddie Lacy. Last weekend Alabama clearly separated themselves by beating a good Florida team by 4 TD’s in Gainesville. And the defense, my goodness. The defense who has lost key cogs over the past 2 or 3 season, seems to just get better and better each year, and this season is certainly no different.

On the Bayou Bengal side of things, this team just clearly has the swagger. No they won’t WOW you on offense like otter teams, but what they will do is pick you apart with talented WR’s Odell Beckham Jr. and Reuben Randle. And of course they have their own bruising back in Spencer Ware. Hat tip to Jarrett Lee, who after years of ridicule has come into his own comfort zone and has managed this LSU team very well. If I was Les Miles, I let Jarrett Lee take every snap until he gets hurt. Jordan Jefferson would be handling the water. Oh and my the defense. Everyone talks about the Honey Badger, but let’s not forget the front seven of this defense is damn scary too.

No matter if your Team Bama or Team LSU, noone can deny that November 5th is the first of two national championship matches this season. Got to love SEC football



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