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Alabama, Friday Fire-Up, LSU

Twas the day before Bama-LSU…


’twas the day before Bama-LSU
And all through the south
The buildup continued
Fans running their mouths

Bama fans began to park
By the stadium with care
In hopes that St. Nicklaus
Would bring them victory there

Then out on the Quad
There rose such a chatter
Why it’s ole beaudreaux
With his famous corndog platter

The tigers had arrived
With their purple and gold
Featuring beer by the keg full
And topless women over 40 years old

But the Tide fans responded
They wouldn’t be outdone
With their Tide detergent helmets
And their commemorative Bear Bryant guns

The Gameday crew talked
About the keys to victory
While LSU fans
smoked alligator over hickory

Out in the crowd
No that can’t be right
It’s Shaquille Oneal
Arm wrestling Harvey Updike

And over in the corner
Who do I see?
It’s the new Lybian prime minister
Burning a picture of Jarrett Lee

And I heard all the fans exclaim
As they drove their trailers on site

Lets get an f-ing win boys
Then party all nite

-Whiskey Indian November



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