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Monday Morning QB: LSU wins, Arkansas looks good and Mizzourah joins us

Wow what a weekend of football it was my friends.  I know my partner in crime here at ShirtsOrSkins fluffy is still not on speaking terms with the world about Saturday night’s outcome of the LSU-Bama tilt, but He and the Alabama faithful have nothing to be ashamed of.  Hell of a ballgame on both sides.  Here’s this week’s Monday Morning QB rundown for ya after another SEC weekend.

1st Down

Have to lead off this week’s rundown talking about that Alabama-LSU game.  Wow, what a football game it was.  At 9-6, alot of fans complained about the lack of points and the general boringness of the game, but we typically call those people Arena Football League Fans, or fans of Big XII defenses.  Same thing.  Whether you were happy about the outcome (LSU) or mad (Bama), you have to admit after watching that game that those two teams are about as evenly matched as two teams can be.   Although there were several big errors on both sides, the game came down to overtime which i think is the best thing us SEC fans could ask for.  On the Alabama side of things, I know there is frustration.  Crimson Tide fans though should be a bit cheered up as last night’s BCS standings showed that the Tide only dropped to Third – one spot behind Oklahoma State.  Oklahoma State still has to play big brother Oklahoma, so there is still a very good chance that Alabama could be playing in the title game after all.  On the LSU side of things, it has to feel great to be a tiger fan waking up this Monday morning.  Your team, for the 918345t2q3853453854385th time pulled a close game out on the road in a hostile environment.  Kudos to you guys, but remember, don’t buy those national championship tickets yet: you still have to play Arkansas AND the SEC Championship game.  Although I think LSU will win both of those, it’s never good too overlook a team ranked in the Top 10 in the BCS in Arkansas.  I’m sure Coach Miles will have them ready though.

Side Note: Honey Badger, you are a dirty bastard.  I know you take what you want and all, but that was a cheap shot on Dre Kirkpatrick.  You’ll see Bama again next year though, and I’m sure they’ll be more than happy to return the favor.

2nd Down

Man, how bad is Ole Miss? The Rebels, who have some talented players on their roster, marched into a half full stadium in Lexington Saturday and lost to what we thought was the SEC’s worst football team in Kentucky.  No more though, Ole Miss, you are now the worst team in the SEC.  As it has several times already this season, rumors began to swirl early Sunday morning that Coach Houston Nutt’s job was close to done, but still nothing has been confirmed yet.  You would have to think though that with LSU and MSU still on the schedule and a decent La Tech team as well, Ole Miss could be looking at 2-10 or 3-9, and that won’t bode well for Nutt’s chances of hanging around.  I fully expect Houston to be fired, then lay low for 2 years only to reappear as a head coach somewhere in 2013.  I mean the SEC does have 14 teams now, so there are plenty of candidates for heppin’.

3rd Down

I think we all knew after Marcus Lattimore went down three weeks ago in Starkville that this South Carolina team wouldn’t be the same, and they certainly showed that in Fayetteville Saturday night.  Sure the Gamecocks held in there for awhile with the talented Razorbacks, but eventually the Razorbacks pulled away, taking home a 44-28 victory in a game that unfortunately hardly anyone watched due to poor times parallel to the LSU-Bama game.  After being smacked around by Alabama early in the season, Arkansas has begun quietly amassing a BCS Bowl resume, one that would be capped off nicely by a victory of the Bayou Bengals in Baton Rouge.  Even if the ‘Backs lose to LSU in the finale, a 10-2 season should still get them in a BCS bowl in my opinion.  This team is very good, they simply are stuck in a division with the two best teams in college football.  Oh and we also forgot that they lost their best running back before the year.  Think about if they would have had him this season.  Yikes.

4th Down

Welcome Missourah. Although I can’t claim to be 100% thrilled about the addition, the Tigers add themselves to the SEC nevertheless as what has been reported for weeks and weeks is finally officially announced yesterday by the SEC supreme commander protector of Auburns championship Commissioner Mike Slive announced.  Missouri will be added to the SEC East, which doesn’t geographically make sense to me but is the better move as it avoids having to send Auburn over to the East and throwing off East-West rivalries that have run for decades.  At least Slive got that right.  If I’m Missouri or Texas A&M for that matter, I better enjoy counting those paychecks because come August 2012 your two football teams will start paying the price for what you’ve put together.  Missouri could surprise me, but I see them being no better than 4th next year in an East that will feature a good Georgia team, and improved Florida team as well as South Carolina and a healthy Marcus Lattimore.

Should be interesting to see how it plays out.

Have a great Monday, you guys.

-Whiskey Indian November



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