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I have Dynamite in my britches

The title has no real meaning as to what this post is about.  Well unless I use that phrase to describe the butthurt I experienced after watching the Tide waste a dominating performance over LSU by not scoring on any of its missed opportunities.  Sour grapes I know.  I am still dealing with it. 

Basically this post is here to invite all of you to come by and hang out at the Shirts or Skins Tailgate tent this weekend in Starkville.  fluffy makes a bi-annual pilgrimage to Starkvegas and sends praise to the tailgate gods.  We have no idea where we will setup or anything yet.  We will be the Blue tent with both Bama and MS State fans.  We will be distinguished because we wont be yelling at each other unless beer pong gets rowdy.  Yes we will be playing beer pong.  If I can talk my wife into it I may make her make us a sign to put up.  fluffy will be distinguished by being the biggest guy there and probably the drunkest and loudest.


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