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If you wanna beat a hog, You gotta eat some hog.

As some of you may know, I (fluffy) am a Bammer.  No I still am not fully discussing the LSU loss.  The one thing you may not know is that I like to cook.  I mainly like to cook because I like to eat.  Usually when you plan to eat on game days you plan to drink.  So in a circle of life kinda way, I like to drink while I cook on game days.  This year I documented what I cooked for the Bama vs Arkansas Football festivities.  Like I always say “If you wanna beat a hog, You gotta eat some hog.”

The above picture is the starting point of ingredients for your ribs.  I will try to do this in some form of order so you can keep up.  Your first step is mix a whiskey drink or open a beer.  Proper grilling requires beverage.  No.  Your argument is not valid here.  You start by rubbing a mixture of spices.  I use a 1:1 of rib rub and Cajun rub.  I then 1:1 mix that with the Season with Reason.  You can find it locally around the Tupelo, MS area.  It is a good mixture of dried onions, salt, garlic, etc.  Just rub the ribs down good with this rub mix until fully coated.  Then drizzle some molasses over the meat and rub it in on top of the spices.  This will make the spices uneven and messy.  That is what makes the magic happen.  As you grill, the molasses will bind the spices into flavor balls as I call them.  You can’t go wrong with flavor balls.  Some folks use Sweet Baby Rays on ribs.  I tend to drizzle it on as we grill.  That step is up to you.

Grill on Low Low heat until done. Done is a relative term that means you wont die from eating tainted meat.  I don’t wanna be quoted as to what done is.  So cook until done.  I cut my slabs into fours while grilling.  Makes it easier to distribute later and it crisps the ends with melted molasses goodness.  While these are grilling you can do the mac and cheese portion of the program.

Use the above ingredients for the Mac.  Just make any ole Mac and place into a glass dish.  Stir in the above ingredients to taste.  I then add some fancy cheese on top and bake until it looks done.  Again I aint tellen ya when done is cause I aint wantin’ no lawsuit.  Bad grammar somewhere in there.  If done correctly will look like this when complete.

While you get some munchies on, put some cookies in the oven for dessert.  Your mouth will thank you later.

So enjoy your meal.  Remember, to beat a hog you gotta eat some hog.



2 thoughts on “If you wanna beat a hog, You gotta eat some hog.

  1. So delicious. nice

    Posted by noee87 | November 15, 2011, 3:11 pm
  2. Any recipe that starts with drinking something is good in my book

    Posted by trixfred30 | November 15, 2011, 3:48 pm

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