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SEC EAST, SEC West, Sunday Morning hangover

Sunday Morning Hangover

I’m stuffed.  Stuffed on football, stuffed on food, and stuffed on life.  The season is all but over.  With just a few regular season games left in wanna be conferences, all we can do is sit back and watch Conference Championship games and see who doesn’t get to play where and complain.  So here is Fluffy’s recap of the past few days.

  • Tennessee has the worst loss of the week in my opinion.  Kentucky should not have been in this game.  Dooley’s mom will have to do a lot of call-in-radio shows to survive.
  • Ole Miss loses its third straight Egg Bowl.  State goes bowling.  The battle for Mississippi is firmly in MS State’s hands.
  • Auburn’s offense looks awful against a strong Bama D.  Gus should have taken his high school offense somewhere else last year while the getting was good.  A few more of Chizik’s recruiting classes and this team is destined for last in the West.
  • Florida looks slim.  That is all.
  • LSU proves once more that Bama and them are head and shoulders above the rest.  Now let Georgia get Les’ed and see who they play in NOLA.
  • USCe got the fortune of playing Clemson after there more than hot start.  USCe is not much without a healthy Lattimore.  Garcia is still laughing.
  • Vandy goes bowling.  Vandy goes bowling.  let those two sentences sink in Ole Miss, Kentucky, and Tennessee.





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