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Shirts Or Skins Ridiculously Short SEC Bowl Previews – Vandy

We here at Shirts or Skins are personally tired of seeing all these crap “he look guys we ranked every bowl” or “here’s how all 1234235324596283401293402398 bowls will play out” posts this time of year.  We get it, you sports writers are bored. Fluff and I have other work engagements (not stripping (anymore)), so we’ll make our bowl previews short.  Besides, unless it’s written by Spencer Hall, who really wants to read more than 100 words on most bowl games anyways?

Vanderbilt vs. Cincinnati

Autozone Liberty Bowl

Dec. 31st, 2:30p.m, ABC

Vanderbilt fans should be counting their blessings that Gus Malzahn turned down their flimsy $3M/yr offer last year.  James Franklin is the best thing that has happened in Nashville since the last time Toby Keith was hoarse and unable to sing, and besides Vandy, you could’ve been stuck with Kristi LETS HAVE A REAL DRUNJ TIME Malzhan.  But alas, you have James Franklin, and a pretty damn good football team.  If it weren’t for you Vandyin’ it up in a few other games, hell you could be 9-3.  But 6-6 ain’t nothing to shake a stick at either Vandy fans.  You deserve to be able to enjoy your bowl game, so please come to Memphis: where the race to get shanked or spot an Elvis impersonator is a surprisingly close (and short) one.

Vandy wins 21-10.  Cincy never really gets the offense going, and Aaron Rogers little bro Jordan, welp, he’s pretty good.

Note: We are aware that unlike 90% of LSU’s fanbase, most Vandy fans are graduates.  And if you’re a Vandy grad, than you’re most likely very smart.  And… if you read this blog, then you’ve most likely lost some brain cells and/or IQ points.  We’re really sorry about that.

Vandy's Mascot is like if Mike Tyson and Einstein Mated

-Whiskey Indian November



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