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Ridiculously Short SEC Bowl Preview

Shirts or Skins Ridiculously Short SEC Bowl Previews – Florida

Bowl: Gator Bowl

Who: Florida vs. Ohio State

Monday, January 2nd @ 1 P.M.

To cap off a “please God make this season end” type year for Florida, the Gators will take on Ohio State in the Gator Bowl the day after New Years.

The Gators come in at 6-6 and really were lucky to have won that many, but the good news for Gator fans is Charlie Weis, the offensive enigma OC for the Gators this season, is gone. The bad news? The team across from you Jan. 2 just hired the man you were in that serious relationship with for awhile, and yall were totes in love and all, before he was all like, “I’m taking myself out of the game for awhile.” that cheating bastard. hey if you feel bad think of how ESPN feels. They had just got to the holding hands stage of the relationship with Urban.

Good news is if games were won on whether or not your coach could successfully coach an entire game while bleeding from the ears, you guys would stomp the Buckeyes.

Bad news? Braxton Miller is GOOD. Sad face smiley 😦

Bucks 24, Florida 10





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