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Alabama, LSU, Ridiculously Short SEC Bowl Preview

SEC West Round II Starts in Hours: Here’s a short preview

So, we kinda slacked badly on our planned “ridiculously short bowl previews.” like Fluff has said before, we a busy men.

But we couldn’t skip out on the mother of all SEC bowl matchups this bowl season: the BCS National Championship Game in Nawlins (local pronunciation y’all).

Alabama comes in as a quiet favorite, and from the looks of pictures taken in and around the Quarter today, the tide brought their fare share of fans to the party in the Tigers back yard. In a game where virtually every starter on both sides will get a shot at the NFL, the game can come down to a single big play or big flop that determines the outcome.

For LSU, it will be all about stopping the running of Trent Richardson. For Bama, the question lies in whether young A.J. McCarron is ready for a stage like this.

Call me crazy, but I like the Tide in this one. With so much hype around this LSU team coming in, you have to think Nick Saban has quietly been preparing his crimson troops for battle while LSU basks in Les Miles’ aura of awesome.

My prediction: 20-13 Tide on a late TD by Richardson. So much talk was about RG3 late in the year, but put away that Oklahoma performance and Mr. Richardson would’ve been your Heisman winner. In a game full of stars and plot lines, I think Trent is the star who will shine the brightest tonight.

-Whiskey Indian November



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