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SEC Opens with 7 (8, Kinda) in Pre-Season Baseball Poll

Baseball America released its Pre-Season Top 25 poll today, and if you’re an SEC team not named Florida, South Carolina, Arkansas, Georgia, Vanderbilt, LSU or Ole Miss, well then that poll was some scary sh*t.

The SEC, often touted as the nation’s best football conference, showed again today that it’s baseball should not be trifled with either. Here are some quotes from the other teams in the SEC upon seeing the poll today:


Auburn: Oh Crap

Kentucky: *

Miss. State: (sighs) ah geeze

Tennessee: oh man, oh shucks

Also, soon-to-be-football-SEC-lil-bro Texas A&M opens in the poll in the top ten. So there’s that.

-Whiskey Indian November

*Kentucky didn’t have a quote they just sent us this picture in response:




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