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Things NOT to Say When Interviewing to be an SEC Coach


We here at Shirts or Skins love college football. We long for it. And now that the season is over and no more CFB until August, well, we’re sad.

I mean sure college baseball is great, but it’s nowhere near football. And don’t even get us started on college basketball. Sheesh, what a waste.

So what do we do to entertain ourselves in the offseason?

Work out? Psshhh please

Read books? LOL whut?

No to all the above. In the offseason we write pointless, sparsely funny post such as this one to entertain ourselves and maybe like one or two of you.

This on is entitled:

“Things you DON’T say when interviewing to be an SEC football coach”

The only good kind of Bear is a dead one


Donations to a small church in Georgia? Oh no I wouldn’t be comfortable with that


Who the hell cares about some dumb trees?


Oh no I could never make the sound of an animal in a public setting


Well I really don’t think there’s any shame in finishing behind a school as prestigious as Florida every year

(Georgia AND Tennessee)

I don’t see how in the world a basketball program should have a bigger budget than the football program


Gumbo? No that shit is gross


Absolutely I think Jackie Sherill got exactly what he deserves for running such a dirty program


A tent with a chandelier? Well that sounds silly

(Ole Miss)

I don’t really put alot emphasis on no book learnin’ in my program


Clemson? Why that’s a fine institution

(South Carolina)

-Whiskey Indian November



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